Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Argentem Creek Partners endeavors to foster partnership, integrity, honesty, and a commitment to high achievement. We are conscious of our impact on the companies we support and the communities in which they operate.

Environmental Responsibility

Green Investments

Argentem Creek has successfully harnessed our investment team’s expertise in the utility sector and local regulatory environments to invest in clean energy. Investments include:

  • An Argentine diversified energy generator
  • Two major Chinese solar energy providers
  • One of Ukraine’s largest renewable energy producers

As global investment in renewable energy grows, particularly in emerging markets, we anticipate clean energy to represent an area of growing importance in our portfolios.

An engineer seen checking on equipment in solar power plant

Energy Transition Materials Trade Finance Business

A pathway to net-zero will increase demand for base metals and niche minerals to help build clean energy technologies. Over 3 billion tons of metal will be required by 2050 to develop wind, solar, geothermal power, and energy storage. To support energy transition, the firm offers investors the opportunity to provide short-term financing to companies across the metals and minerals supply chain.