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ADFW 2023: Strategic Insights from the “Lessons Learnt from a West to East Capital Dislocation” Panel featuring Daniel Chapman and moderated by Dilip Massand

Argentem Creek Partners

During Abu Dhabi Finance Week 2023 Daniel Chapman, Founder & CEO of Argentem Creek Partners, provided insights into the evolving shift of global capital flows. The discussion moderated by Dilip Massand, titled “Lessons Learnt from West to East Capital Dislocation,” focused on identifying and managing investment opportunities in the backdrop of market volatility, capital dislocation, and geopolitical shifts.

Key highlights from the session included:

Argentem Creek Partners Expertise in Emerging Markets and Special Situations: Outlining the highlights in  Dan’s professional trajectory in Emerging Markets and Special Situations over the last 30+ years, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities in this sector.

Global Trends Influencing Capital Flows: Examining factors contributing to the shift of capital from Western markets to Eastern regions, including current and future trends in capital migration.

Argentem’s Strategic Involvement in Asia: Pioneering investments in special situations, particularly China, identifying opportunities and successfully navigating the challenges resulting in positive outcomes for investors and companies alike.

ADGM Landscape: Strategic advantages and opportunities in the region driving the decision to establish regional headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

Strategic Outlook: Setting the stage for future investments in the current dynamic global financial landscape.

Watch the video here: