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Hedgeweek: Seizing alpha opportunities in emerging markets

Argentem Creek Partners

Argentem Creek Partners’ (ACP) CEO and Founder, Daniel Chapman, recently shared his insights with Hedgeweek on harnessing investment opportunities in today’s tumultuous global market. Chapman speaks about how ACP’s disciplined, value-oriented approach, coupled with a robust network and extensive experience, unveils unique opportunities in emerging markets, especially within mid-sized companies affected by credit-tightening cycles.


ACP invests in special situations, distressed and stressed debt, commodities, private credit, and bespoke capital solutions. The firm specializes in finding strategic and high-quality assets (sectors such as energy, critical minerals, production, agriculture, related infrastructure, and technology) that provide significant value upside. The investment strategy is executed through leading and implementing restructurings of balance sheets, capital structures, and governance, or through the identification and monetization of market dislocations. Amid market complexities, ACP’s strong risk management strategy prioritizes focused execution.


In reaction to the pandemic-driven capital surge towards large managers, ACP is set to launch its first-ever evergreen fund in 2H2023, offering quarterly liquidity while seeking to maintain attractive returns. Read the full Hedgeweek interview here.